Always look on the bright side of life

Hello, hello.

Firstly today I must share a poem with you. Rej’s daughter found a document titled “Farewell” on his laptop and it contained this poem.

Post Mortem
This poet is not pinin’!
‘E’s passed on!
This poet is no more!
He has ceased to be!
‘E’s expired and gone
to mock ‘is maker!
‘E’s a stiff! Bereft of life,
‘e rests in peace!
If you hadn’t nailed ‘im
to the page
‘e’d be pushing up the daisies!
‘Is metabolic processes are now ‘istory!
‘E’s fallen off the twig!
‘E’s kicked the bucket,
‘e’s shuffled off ‘is mortal coil,
run down the curtain !!

A great man to the end. J wrote a very moving comment on Rej’s blog which I will also share as I couldn’t put it even half as well.

The People’s Poet is deepest red…
Wickedly funny as ever Rej. The toughest man I ever met – you never went down. I’m so proud of you and your family, especially over the last year. Thanks for sharing your amazing poetry with us all. Thanks for all the love and friendship and talking about things that matter.
Thank you Kath for the most amazing love and care I’ve ever witnessed.

On to completely meaningless things in comparison… the day as me. This morning I had a couple of guys from Newcastle visit me who are going to start up a business. Very interesting stuff. I’m not joining them but I’ve worked in a couple of start-ups before so we had a good chat about the do’s and don’t’s of running your own business.

Then into town for a haircut from my friend L. She’s 8 months pregnant and looking really well though I think she’s just ready for the baby to arrive now.

It’s very lazy of me but I needed a little snooze when I got home. I then made my sock monkey that I had got a kit for from D & N for my birthday. I’m crap at sewing but I do enjoy it and I’m happy with the end result. I managed to lose the needle about half-way through (how?, though typical of me!) and had to go search out another one as it couldn’t be found.

J thinks we should call the monkey Paul after Paul Smith as he is a stripy one.

The bag:
The kit:
Half way:

Music today has been Metals by Feist and Killer Sounds by Hard Fi.

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